Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valemtime's Day

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day everybody!!!  I hope everyone has had a good day today. :)
Here's the card I got my husband, before I wrote all of the mushy stuff inside, of course: (I think it's pretty darn cute)

Wanna see the card he got me?
Well....scroll up.  I kid you not...of alllll of the stores in Cairo, and alllll of the thousands of Valentine's cards to choose from, my husband and I got each other the same.exact.card.  What are the odds?!  I was so confused when I opened it, I was like wait, this is your card...and then we both looked up and busted out laughing.  I guess that means we're perfect for each other?  Or great minds think alike?  Or we both think chickens are hysterical?  I'm not sure which, but it's pretty funny.
Husband was supposed to have a tennis match tonight and I prayed my little heart out that it would rain.  Well wouldn't ya know...it's raining, and his tennis match was cancelled.  :) Yaaaay!!!
He cooked me a nice steak dinner, which was delish.  While we were cleaning up though, he stabbed me with a steak knife.  It was an accident of course, but I was like dude!  You just stabbed me in the elbow!!!  He felt kind of bad I think.
Right now he's smacking soft practice golf balls across our living room with the new golf clubs he got...and he's using my plant as the target.  Lovely.
I think we're going to go get Dairy Queen later...all that talk of ice cream last week made me want a little myself.  :)
Sorry that was all so random.  I hope you and your love have had fun "chicken" each other out today. :) 

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