Monday, February 27, 2012


This weekend the husband and I got to relax a little!  After hosting family the last two weekends, it was nice to just bum around, though I would still rather have my family here instead. :)  We hung around the house on Friday night and finished up a Netflix movie.
Saturday, Timothy played golf and mowed the yard, and I slept in and then cleaned house.  About 3:00 we headed down to Tallahassee. 
Timothy got to go into Edwin Watts golf and play around with some golf clubs.  I sat in the car and read because I'm not that interested in golf, plus I'm left handed, and those stores don't carry left handed women's clubs.  So kinda pointless for me.  I was glad to let Timothy look around though, goodness knows he's spent his share of bored hours waiting on me while I shopped.  He walked out with two brand new clubs.  He said the store let him borrow them for the week to try out at the range.  I asked him if they took his credit card number in case he didn't return them, and he said no, they just took down his name and number.  That's a lot of trust right there.  I think it's pretty neat that they let him borrow them.
After the golf store, I ran into Hobby Lobby to get some moss for a terrarium I want to do.  My sister sent me a picture of a pretty terrarium she did last week, and I'm jealous.  So I want to make me one.  We got some succulents at a craft fair a couple of months ago for a ridiculously cheap price, and they've just been sitting in my window since then.  Time to plant those puppies!
After Hobby Lobby we went to Bonefish Grill for an early dinner.  We had not eaten hardly anything that day in preparation for going to Bonefish!  It is quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants (right after Taco Bell, of course) and we had a gift card!  Yay!!!  The restaurant didn't open until 4 and we got there at about 3:55.  There was already a line at the door waiting for them to open.  That's just a testament to how good their food is.  It was so so good and we both had leftovers to look forward to on Sunday.
On the way out of the parking lot after dinner, we saw this line of geese walking through the parking lot.  It's a pretty busy parking lot, and I was afraid that they were going to get squished!  I had to stop and take some pictures of them, of course.
 After dinner we were going to go see a movie, but there wasn't anything we saw that we could justify paying $20 to see.  So instead, we went to the bookstore, and I was more than happy to spend the $10 I would've spent on my ticket, to get a couple of books.  They will give me more hours of entertainment anyway!  Timothy actually got himself a fiction book as well, a scary one that has been made into a movie.  Timothy doesn't normally read fiction, mostly just nonfiction history books and such, but he thought it looked interesting so he bought it.  At the bookstore, they let you pick 2 films that you thought might win an Oscar on Sunday, so I picked The Artist and The Descendants.  I figured The Artist would win, but I enjoyed The Descendants, so I chose that as well.  If one of your choices won, you got $5 off your next purchase of $25.  Timothy grumbled about my choices after we left, claiming that The Help was going to win, but I told him that if any of the judges read the book like I did they'd be annoyed with the movie and it's inaccuracies as well, so it would never win.  Guess who was right?!  The Artist totally won. 
After that, we decided to try a little frozen yogurt, in 55 degree weather.  It was a little cold for consuming frozen delicacies, but we had been wanting to try it for a while, so we did!  It was pretty yummy, but I'm really bad at estimating how much things weigh, and ended up paying like $4 for it.  I got these little squishy translucent ball things on mine called popping bobas that were flavored mango, strawberry, and passionfruit.  They tasted good, but I just kept feeling like I was eating Nemo's brothers and sisters like that big ugly fish thing did on Finding Nemo. Tell me these things do not look like fish eggs....
 We headed home after that, and pulled in the driveway at about 8pm.  We're like an old couple!  And people, here is when things got weird.  My husband, who usually turns on the golf channel once his butt hits his chair, sat down and read.  And read.  And read.  He read his new book for like 2 hours straight.  I was at a complete loss, it was total role reversal.  I got so bored too, I kept saying, "hey you wanna watch tv?  wanna watch a movie?" And he just kept reading!  He read almost the entire book that night!  And then, the next afternoon, he started reading again!  And read until he finished it.  After he finished it, I asked him if it was good and he just said "nah, not really." All but the last 20 pages were pointless, next time I'll just watch the movie."  He seemed pretty intrigued to have given that revue after he was done.  But anyway!  Hope all of ya'll had a good weekend and had a good Monday.  T-3 days until my girls beach trip.  So excited!!!!!

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