Monday, February 13, 2012

What's In Your Purse Episode 4

 Sharing the contents of her purse today is my beautiful friend, Robin!  Robin and I have been friends for pretty much our entire lives.  We were practically raised together: we went to church together, went on homeschool field trips together, went camping together, flipped off of trampolines together (ok that was totally just me who did that, but Robin was always there to dust me off afterwards), and grew to love the Lord together. 
I give Robin a lot of credit in my salvation story.  I distinctly remember standing in her kitchen as an 8 year old little girl, looking at her calendar, when completely out of nowhere Robin asked me if I had asked Jesus into my heart. Not long after, I made the best decision of my life and followed my friend Robin's advice to ask the Lord to be my Savior.  This gal has had a lot of impact on my life and even though times and circumstances have seen us drift apart, I still look up to her and consider her one of those true friends that don't come along often.  Goodness, ok enough of the mushy stuff! 

Here's Robin's adorable purse!

Take it away girl!

I am a sucker for Vera Bradley, so I switch out purses often! So this happens to be the purse of choice for now because it's cute and fun and with Valentine's Day around the corner I though of it to be appropriate! Inside I have the pretty typical purse objects! 
1. Wallet, coin purse and check book all hold access my bank account which isn't all that important because there's not much in there right now! Hehe' 
2. I have my Advil because I am at the ripe old age of almost 25 and my joints are starting to hurt' Lol 3. Keys are important, and I have a rather large monogram keychain because I have the tendency to loose my keys often so it's easier for them to be seen!  
4. I have band-aids in case I have an accident or wear an uncomfortable pair of shoes that are too cute to pass up and leave blisters! 
5. I have hair bands, and Bobby pins in case of windy days... Or days when I oversleep and need a pony tail! 
6. I have hand sanitizer, which is a good thing to have for my job because working at a pharmacy I encounter a lot of sick people on a daily basis! 
7. Coupons!!! Everyone loves coupons, I am not an extreme coupon collector but I do find to time to clip things I know I will use. 
8. I somehow end up with random pens that I don't know where they come from or who's they are but somehow end up in my purse. Oh well, everyone needs pens once in a while. 
9. One of the most important things in my purse is my planner. It helps me keep track of work for not only myself but for my boyfriend as well. He is a full time teacher, part time music and youth minister, and I balance a full time job as a pharmacy tech so it's nice to know when and where we need to be outside of work. I have a tendency to rely on it way too much and I missplaced it a few weeks ago and felt like the girl from "27 dresses" when she lost her planner! Dysfunctional !! 
10 Something else that is a must for my purse is chap stick. Not just any kind but I have my carmex chap stick, Mary Kay clear lip gloss and a cover girl slightly tinted gloss. Could never do without my chapstick! 
11. I also have random things in my purse such as air heads and mini cow tails just in case I need a snack or sit near kids in church and need to bribe them to be quiet! 
12. Another important thing that stays in my purse is my cell phone.... But I am typing this with it as we speak and even though it's an iPhone, It still can't take a picture and type an email all at once... But it does supply me with things I need such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and most important my daily bread which is the word of God that I can take anywhere I go! It is the biggest priority in my daily life, and is more important to me than anything in my purse. Even though I have an electronic version of the Bible it's still with me daily, and I am so thankful for that!
Thanks for reading! Enjoying following this wonderful blog by one of my greatest childhood friends! No matter how old we get, how far apart we live, I wouldn't trade your friendship over the years for the world! 

Thanks Robin for guest posting for me today!  It's been great to catch up with you, even if it is through your purse :)
Oh and everybody, Robin is thinking about starting her own little bloggy blog, so leave some sweet  comments below and help me encourage her to do so! 
Hope everyone had a tolerable Monday and is planning a special little Valentine's Day tomorrow with your special little someone! 

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Teresa Close said...

Hey Robin,
Soooo love the fact that your coupons are for HUDDLE HOUSE!!! I have those too and use them often.

Love you,
Mrs. T.