Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sniffin' polish

So husband coaches the tennis team at the high school where he works and yesterday his team had their first meet/match/game/whatever tennis competitions are called.  Every single player won!  That's one for the win column!  Hopefully they'll keep that up.  Their first home game is tomorrow, so I'll be going to that to cheer on my little wind pants wearing coach of a hubby. :) 
Since husband was not home for dinner last night, this is what I had:
Yes, those are Honey Smacks.  Yes, I am 5 years old.  I felt like I was in college again.  As I've mentioned before, my cooperation with cooking did not begin until I got married.  I can count on my hands the number of times I cooked something with more than 3 ingredients in college.  I had cereal for meals more than anything else, I think.  It's just so easy and so good! 
Since husband was home tonight, I figured I had to make something a little more involved than cereal.  I decided to try something new and be a little healthy.  I found this recipe for Weight Watchers baked crab rangoon on Pinterest.  I've never had imitation crab before (basically fish that tastes like crab), so I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it.  It actually wasn't bad, and was decently healthy.  They're small, so they would probably serve better as an appetizer or a finger food though.  I made some balsamic roasted green beans and mushrooms to go with it, which husband really liked.  I was kinda meh about the whole meal, probably because I was too busy gazing wistfully at my box of cereal.   Here's what it looked like: (again, I stink at taking food pictures...helloooooo shadow of Julie Anna's head)
In other news, it's college week on Jeopardy!  Yay!!!  Husband and I watch Jeopardy every night, and I love college week 'cause the questions are easier and I don't feel quite so stupid.  We shout out the answers and at the end decide which of us had the most correct answers.  A little bit of healthy marital competition! :) 
Now, we all know that Alex Trebek always engages in a little chatter with each player after the first commercial break.  Most contestants take this chance to humble brag about their extensive travel portfolio or how smart they are because they won a national science fair in like 3rd grade.  Well tonight, one of the players, Monica, chose during those 30 seconds of national attention to reveal that she owns over 40 bottles of nail polish.  When Alex asked her why, she said "the smell relaxes me."  Umm...that could be a problem Monica.  And wouldn't you know, ole polish sniffer Monica beat everybody by like $12,000 on the final jeopardy clue.  Maybe I should start sniffing fingernail polish so I could be on Jeopardy one day.  Hah!
Speaking of competitions, everybody go to yesterday's post and try your hand at my little movie competition!  Directions and rules are in that post! 
I think I'm going to go eat a little cereal for dessert.  Don't judge, I ate a "healthy" meal.  Happy hump day everyone!

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Ruth said...

Love watching jeopardy!! Me and the hubby compete as well :)