Sunday, February 5, 2012

Date Night!

Yesterday Timothy and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day early since next weekend his family will be visiting, and the weekend after that my family will be visiting.  Yay!  So we left at about 3:00, and headed down to Tallahassee, Florida.  It was beautiful outside, about 75 degrees and sunny! 
We went to a couple of golf shops so that Timothy could look around.  One store had an area with a net where he could hit some balls.  It was pretty neat!  We went by Target so that I could return a dress that I had ordered that was too short.  We looked around a little and found Timothy a handsome green golf shirt in the clearance section there at Target. 
We were going to go to a little mom and pop Italian restaurant for an early dinner, but it was closed.  So we went to Bonefish Grill instead!  Oh bummer! :)  We got Bang Bang Shrimp, of course and both got fish tacos as well.  Their fish tacos are delicious, with a really tasty mango salsa.  I was excited about the tacos, so I didn't get a picture of that, but I got a picture of the shrimp.  (Sorry the pictures are crappy, the little camera I usually carry with me has a dead battery and I can't find the charger)

Next we headed towards the mall and Timothy went to another sports store while I went into Ross.  I have missed having a Ross close by!  I got a cute skirt, a cool little glass bottle to put our dish soap in, and some sheets for our spare bed.
Next, we went to see a movie, The Descendants.  We figured after all the buzz it is getting at awards this year, we should check it out.  It was pretty good.  Kind of depressing, but a story line that I haven't seen done before.  George Clooney is starting to get some age on him, but I still think he's pretty handsome.  :)
After we saw the movie, we headed towards home.  And then we saw this:

For you healthy/non-cultured people, this beautiful glowing red sign says "hot doughnuts now" meaning that heaven is just one drive-thru away.  Every time my mom sees this sign while in the car with my dad, she knows to hold on for dear life.  He once swerved across 6 lanes of traffic in a reeeeally sketchy part of south Atlanta to get to a Krispy Kreme with this glowing red beacon of hope.  So in honor of my dad, and just because it would be plain crazy not to, we stopped and got a dozen hot, delicious, sugary, melty rings of doughnut deliciousness. 
In a bizarre and totally unfair twist of fate, I am actually allergic to the icing on these doughnuts.  Makes my lips swell right up!  But they're just so good that most of the time I tough it out anyways.  Another unfair allergy that my body just decided to develop this past summer: watermelon.  Even watermelon flavored things!  I break out in hives. :(  I liked to have itched my skin off this summer until we realized what was happening.
So that was our Saturday!  Now we're about to grill up some dinner and watch a little bit of the Super Bowl I guess. :)
Another guest post tomorrow, from my awesome friend Casie Jones! 

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Teresa said...

Oh. I love Casie Jones!!!! Can't wait!!!! Oh and I WANT A DOUGHNUT!!!