Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Winner!

And the winner of the first ever Helms Family Blog movie contest and a Dairy Queen gift card is....
Drum roll please................
Random number generator said the magic number was...7!

And answer number 7 on my correct answer spreadsheet belonged to my amazing mother-in-law, LOIS HELMS!!
Ok guys, I promise I did not rig this to get brownie points.  I promise! :)

Thank you so much to everybody who participated!  You guys did great!
Special props to Michelle over at Phenomenal Lass's Blog and Cathy from Scattered Seeds for being the only two participants to get all 10 answers correct!

Correct answers were as follows:
1.  Satan Dons Pricey Heels - Devil Wears Prada
2. First Meal at a Diamond Store - Breakfast at Tiffany's
3. Away with the Breeze - Gone with the Wind
4. The Upstanding Female and the Vagrant Male - Lady and the Tramp
5. A Frigid Lump of Earth - Cold Mountain (a lot of people guessed Ice Age, which was a great guess)
6. The Quietude of the Even-Toed Ungulates - Silence of the Lambs
7. The Lawless Groups of the Big Apple - Gangs of New York
8. Male on a Thin Thread of Metal - Man on Wire
9. The Feline Ruler - The Lion King
10. Traverse  the Queue - Walk the Line

Hope everyone had fun!  I plan on doing this again at some point.  Several of you had some awesome clues of your own, so I might just need your guys' help next time!  Hope everyone is enjoying your weekend!

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Are you kidding me?! ;-)