Thursday, February 2, 2012


Warning: This is going to be a little bit of a complaint laden post, my apologies ahead of time :)  If you'd rather see something funner, just skip this post and watch this video of a hedgehog taking a bath. 
So here goes: normally I listen to the radio on my commute to work each day, because I'm too lazy to plug in/turn on my iPod for the 5 minute trip (yeah it's awesome to only work 5 minutes from home), and the radio station that I listen to has taken predictability to a whole new level.  I could pretty much time my morning by using this radio station instead of a clock.  Every morning I know that one of the three-ish songs that I will hear on the commute will be that gosh awful Orianthi song "According to You."  On a side note: I have never heard this singers name until just now when I looked the song up on Youtube.  I always thought that Avril Lavigne or Kelly Clarkson or some other man hater, but still man dependent lyricist had written it.  I don't know if it's because I hear it literally every morning or because it just is, but it is one of the most annoying songs I can think of right now.  Not only is the instrumental side of the music annoying, but the lyrics are just stupid.  It sounds like she's saying "but according to ham" in the chorus.  Now I can appreciate a compliment giving piece of sandwich meat, but I'm pretty sure she's trying to refer to a significant other, not an ingredient.   
But at least the morning commute includes some songs, however annoying they may be.  My lunch commute from work to the post office, and from the post office home for lunch is full of commercials.  They are the same commercials.  It starts out with Captain Sorenson from Firehouse Subs, who spends literally 3 minutes fake joking with other firemen about their new Coke machine.  I have two problems with this commercial: A. There is not a Firehouse Subs here, so it's cruel to advertise something I can not have B. I'm trying not to drink Cokes as much and spending 3 minutes listening to someone talk about it does not help C.  Everybody knows that firemen don't rib each other about what Cokes they are or are not going to unrealistic.  After this commercial comes the lady who's pretend calling her best friend to tell her about a new hormonal supplement she's been taking.  Problems with this: A. I don't want to know about your hormonal imbalance B. Couldn't your excitement just be your raging hormones talking, and therefore not a true representation of the product?  Then we have the lovely Kia car commercial.  Of the three, I can tolerate this one the best.  The girl in the commercial has a pleasant voice, she's quick and to the point, and at the end she chirps "And remember, we wanna see ya in a Kia!"  Tolerable.  At this point I usually turn the radio off, because after the pleasant Kia lady, there's not much hope.
By the time I head home, I've forgotten about what a failure the days radio experience has been, and stupidly turn the volume back up.  At this point, one of the personalities has his daily "Planet of the Apps" run through where he pretends he's hip and on top of trends by talking about iPhone apps.  Problems: A. I don't have an iPhone or iPad so I don't really care.  B.  Most people have been using Instagram for over a year, so sorry, but you're waaaay behind the trend buddy.  After he's done they play the song "Good Life" by OneRepublic  I actually like this song, so it is the highlight of my daily interaction with the radio.  And I do appreciate that they play this at the END of the day, when you're so excited to be off of work, that it truly feels like a good life. 
Alright, I'm done ranting. :) Bing has been really wanting attention lately.  Last night he followed me around the house meowing, wanting to be pet.  Today when I got home from work, I apparently didn't get out of my car fast enough for him, so he jumped up on the hood and stared at me through the windshield.  He then tried to climb around to my window and fell off the car.  Here's him on the hood.
Sorry it's so dark, I had to use my phone camera.  It's nice to feel needed, even by a little kitty.  
Hey everybody, tomorrow is Friday!!!  :) Can I get an amen!?! 

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Allie L. said...

What a perfect post for Groundhog Day!!!! Its just like the movie...over and over and over again. :)