Monday, February 20, 2012

What's In Your Purse Episode 5

Today's guest poster is the beautiful Joy!  Joyous was another high school friend, who later became my college roommate.  As of right now, she holds the record for having lived with me the longest (as a non-family member).  Husband will break that record in another year and a half, but I will always give her props for living with all of my crap for that long.  We've been through a lot together, and I am convinced that my college experience would not have been near as fun without her.  My favorite memory is probably our 1am trip to Taco Bell in our pajamas.  We went through the drive thru, but they got our order wrong and Joy made me go inside in my huge fluffy robe to get it fixed.  Not my proudest moment, but something I will always remember and be able to laugh at.  Shall we take a gander inside her bag (which is adorable, by the way)?

1.  Chapstick, chapstick, chapstick! - I'm addicted.  People keep telling me chapstick keeps your lips from regulating their own moisture, or something like that, so the more you use it the more you need it.  Well folks, it's too late for me.  I'll always be a chapstick wearin fool.
2. Kavu wallet - I got this at TJ Max for 10 bucks.  It's perfect for me because there's enough room for cash, check book, all my cards, and even a little elastic band to keep a pen.  But it's not overly huge or bulky and, let's face it, it's pretty darn cute.
3. Phone - Duh.  It's time for a new one! 
4. Medicine case - My mom made sure my sisters and I all had one of these handy dandy drug dealin machines.  It's got Ibuprofen and anything else you might need while out and about.  My mom's motto is, "Why be in pain when you can take 2 little pills and feel better?" 
5. Goody's powder - This kind of goes hand in hand with the meds, but it works way faster than any pill.  You better have a bottle of Coke nearby to chug down after powering this suspicious powder down your throat while in the gas station parking lot, otherwise you'll draw even more attention to yourself.

6. Hand Sanitizer - This hand sani from Target came in a cool case that can clip to...something.  I'm not typically a germaphobe, but there are a couple things that gross me out: gas stations & the middle school kids I work with who don't shower. 

7. Lotion - In the winter my hands get very dry so it's always good to have on hand! (No pun intended...just kidding, that was intended.)

8. Tic tacs - Just bought some yesterday.  Chewing gum a lot hurts my jaw, so tic tacs are the next best (and cheapest) thing awaiting me at the check out counter.

9. Contact & hair supplies - I wear contacts.  I love them.  But sometimes they get a little dried out, so it's nice to have solution with me.  And I always have hair ties and bobby pins on hand for when my hair gets unruly or I just get tired of having it down.

10. Papers - That pile is full of old receipts & grocery lists that have accumulated over the past few weeks.  I like to consider myself scatter-brained rather than messy...haha.  Thanks Julie for giving me a reason to clean out my purse!

11. Bride Beautiful business card - I'm getting married April 28th!  I found my dress at Bride Beautiful in Atlanta.  It was my first time trying on dresses and I made my decision in 1.5 hours!  I am Miss Indecisive, so I was very proud of myself. :)

12. My Keys - I'd like to think some of the items on my key ring are pretty unique.  First of all, there's the homemade case my car clicker is in.  My mom made that out of old fabric from a shower curtain my grandma made me many years ago.  The clicker kept falling off the metal loop that hooked it to the key ring.  When no amount of super glue would hold, my mom fashioned this cute little case around it - works like a charm!  The other item is my South African ostrich.  Although I went to South Africa a few years ago and actually rode an ostrich, that is not when I acquired this beady little guy.  Last year I lived with a crazy roommate who became one of my closest friends, Megan from South Africa.  Before she left to go back to her home across the world, she gave this to me and I think of her every time I see it! :)

Well, that's all folks!

Thanks for being a guest poster Joy!  She has a new blog, The Joyous Cookbook so stop over and give her some love. 
The more I see inside other people's purses, the more I begin to think that I have waaaay too much in my purse.  Anybody else feel that way?
Hope everyone had a good Monday.  Only 4 more days 'till the weekend!

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