Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where is the flaxseed?!?!?

So today I went on my dreaded once a month shopping trip.  Everything was going smoothly, found the coconut, the Rotel tomatoes, the worchestire sauce (have no clue how to say that word), and then I got to the ground flaxseed.....looked on the baking aisle, the spice aisle, the "healthy food" flaxseed.  So I do what any smart female would do.  I called my mom.  Now it needs to be mentioned that the only reason I ever call someone on the phone is A. Someone has died; B. I think I am dying/have cancer or some other serious illness/broken bone C. I'm at the end of my rope on trying to find something.  This instance just so happened to be C.  So ring, ring, ring...she doesn't answer.  Blast!  So, obviously, I call my sister next.  She tells me to look on the produce aisle.  Look there, no flaxseed.  I had already spent 1.25 hours at this crowded Wal-Mart, but I was determined to find this stupid fibrous seed. 
So finally I decide, well...I'll just find a Wal-Mart employee and ask them where it is.  In my mind, I round the next aisle, find that blue shirted enthusiastic and helpful employee who says "flaxseed you ask?  I'm not positive where that is, but I can certainly help you search!"  We then peruse an aisle, one of us finds this evasive little bugger, we meet with a high-five and a "good job!" and I go on my way.  Well if you're thinking I must be're absolutely right.  Apparently my idea of things and reality had a one person difference.  I looked down five aisles and did not see a single employee in sight.  At this point, my banana and Nutella snack that I ate before shopping (to keep me from being hungry and thus purchasing one of everything in the entire store) had worn off, I had a buggy full of items, and everyone else had apparently decided it was time to play bumper buggies.  I considered just abandoning my buggy and running up and down every aisle screaming "WHERE IS THE FLAXSEED?!?" but decided against it since I now live in a small town where everybody knows everybody and didn't feel like getting ushered out sans groceries.
I resigned myself to a flaxseedless shopping trip, and with slumped shoulders went to checkout.  This was my buggy.
There's just one thing missing...*sigh*
In more positive news, husband and I made some delicious french toast and omelets for dinner.  Recipe from Alton Brown of course.

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Teresa Close said...

Soooo sorry I didn't answer. I wouldn't have known were to tell you to look anyway! Maybe I will put flaxseed in your stocking for Christmas next year....that way you will always have a Happy Colon!!! Because we all know...a fiberous colon is a happy colon!!! The french toast looks delicious!!!